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Typical References since 1987

Malaysia Submarine Cable Survey (1991 - 1992)

Elaboration and co-ordination of survey strategies, work schedules and tender documents for a geophysical survey in Malaysian coastal waters for a new fibre-optic cable connection between the Malaya Peninsula and the island of Borneo.
Client: GEOMAR Technologie GmbH, Kiel, Germany.

North Sea Modelling (1991 - 1992)

Hindcast simulation of a Rhodamine-B dispersion experiment conducted between 1990 and 1991 and simulation of spreading of river water during the Rhine-Patch-Experiment 1982.
Client: Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany for a research project contracted by the European Commission.

Tagus Estuary, Portugal (1991 - 1992)

Modelling of estuarine dynamics based on oceanographic data validation including adaptation and qualification of a three-dimensional baroclinic model.
Client: Institute of Oceanography, University of Hamburg, Germany.

Port of Stade, Germany (1991)

Feasibility study for harbour development activities at the confluence of the rivers Schwinge and Elbe.
Client: Town of Stade, Germany.

Hawaiian Waters (1991)

Modelling of currents and waterlevels around the main Hawaiian islands.
Client: University of Hamburg; supporting activity for a joint research project of the Universities of Hamburg and Hawaii.

Arabian Gulf (1991)

Feasibility study for modelling of currents and waterlevel forecasting for the Arabian Gulf.
Client: Confidential.

Elbe River, Germany (1991)

Modelling of circulation and transport processes to support biological investigations concerning environmental impact of a deepening of the waterway from the North Sea to Hamburg Port.
Client: Port Authorities of the City of Hamburg, Germany.

Stör River, Germany (1990)

Risk study and hazard analysis concerning salinity intrusion risks for surface water intakes located in this Elbe tributary supported by numerical modelling. Further, conduction of bathymetric and hydrographic surveys to provide data for model set-up and verification.
Client: Ministry of the Environment, Country of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

ELBE-OIL (1990)

Hindcast of a surface-drifter experiment for the validation of oil-spill models in the tidal reaches of the Elbe River near Hamburg.
Client: Leo Consult GmbH, Bremen, Germany.

MICSOS - Micro-Structure Ocean Sonde (1990 - 1994)

Feasibility and initialisation phase

Conduction of project initialisation measures and feasibility assessments to develop an operational micro-structure measurement system.
Joint industry and public research initiative partially supported by the German Federal Ministry of Education, Research and Technology - EUREKA Project No. 1246.

Tapi River Estuary, India (1989 - 1990)

Modelling of channel alignments and harbour basin design for engineering, dredging and port construction purposes for a planned gas terminal on the Indian West Coast.
Client: IMPaC Offshore Engineering GmbH, Hamburg, Germany, under contract of Reliance Petrocemicals PLE, India.

Denmark-Poland Submarine Cable System No.2 Route Survey (1989)

Planning, management and conduction of a detailed cable route survey (bathymetry, sidescan sonar imaging, shallow geology) including charting and reporting. Further, elaboration of a study concerning wave dynamics, morphodynamics and beach stability at the beach junction and the adjacent coastal zone.
Client: A consortium of TELECOM Denmark, The Polish PT & T, and the Swedish Telecom.

Rio Queule, Chile (1989 - 1991)

Modelling of salinity variations with respect to optimum aquaculture locations in the lower reaches of the Rio Queule (Southern Chile).
Client: Confidential.

Hamburg Port, Germany (1989)

Modelling of river and harbour basin dynamics and computer animations of corresponding transport processes. Investigation of barotropic three-dimensional gyres as main reason for mud accumulation at harbour basin entrances.
Client: Senate for the Environment, City of Hamburg, Germany.

OPMOD (1989 - 1992)
Operational Modelling of Coastal Waters and Marginal Seas

Phase I: Basic developments and Pilot Applications

Development and longer-term application of operational numerical models linked to monitoring networks for coastal, environmental and water quality management purposes and routine forecasting (Operational Modelling System) with pilot applications in the Elbe estuary. HYDROMOD was the initiator and general co-ordinator of this EUREKA-EUROMAR project.
Client: German Federal Ministry of Education and Research; EUREKA Project No. 429.

Shannon River, Ireland (1988 - 1990)

Support in measurement activities, data validation and modelling of the baroclinic dynamics and associated transport processes in the tidal reaches of the River Shannon (Irish West Coast).
Joint industry - public research RTD activity in the framework of the Joint Irish-German Co-operation in Estuarine Sciences, also partially funded by the European Commission - Environment Programme within a cluster-project on European River - Oceans Systems.

Pearl River Estuary, PR China (1988 - 1990)

(Ling Ding Yang)

Contributions of methodologies and expertise as well as modelling of estuarine dynamics and transport processes in the Pearl River estuary between Canton (Guangzhou) and Hongkong.
Client: University of Hamburg under the framework of the Joint German-Chinese Co-operation in Ocean Sciences and Technology; partially funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

Schlei Estuary, Germany (1987 - 1990)

Modelling of estuarine baroclinic dynamics and transport processes of sewage plumes in a secluded bay at the German Baltic Coast.
Client: Ministry of the Environment, Country of Schleswig-Holstein, Germany.

Bay of Qingdao (Jiaozhou Bay), PR China (1987 - 1988)

Modelling of tides, dynamics and transport processes in the Bay of Qingdao (Jaiozhou Bay) and adjacent coastal waters, further, training of Chinese researchers in numerical modelling.
Client: University of Hamburg under the framework of the Joint German-Chinese Co-operation in Ocean Sciences and Technology; partially funded by the German Ministry of Education and Research.

River Ems, Germany (1987 - 1988)

Hazard analysis and risk assessment study for a gas pipeline in the East Frisian Wadden Sea near the island of Borkum.
Client: GKSS-Forschungszentrum, Geesthacht, und BEB, Hannover, Germany.

Lagoon Valle Vallona, Italy (1987)

Modelling of lagoon dynamics and water quality estimations in a shallow lagoon at the entrance of the Po di Maestre into the Adriatic Sea. Further, assessment of sediment transport processes and effects of up to date existing groins and related design optimisation for improvement of water quality, flushing and diminishing of beach erosion.
Client: ELEKTROWATT AG, Zürich, Switzerland.
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